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Thierry Mugler, couturissime: an exhibition not to miss!

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Thierry mugler, couturissimeexhibition from 30th september 2021 to 24th april 2022the musée des arts décoratifs is hosting the thierry mugler exhibition, tracing the work of the designer who revolutionised fashion, haute couture and perfume.interview with thierry-maxime loriot, commissioner of the exhibition:it is really a large exhibition with 150 haute couture outfits, ready-to-wear, over almost 40, 50 years of history. so they're staged in a way that's quite interesting and spectacular, with holograms, special effects.it's not a nostalgic look at at monsieur mugler's past, but in fact to see how his work fits into the history of today. it's not pieces that were worn on display, nor lent in museums.so for me it's quite interesting to work with all this unpublished material because he had refused to do exhibitions in paris, new york and london.for me, it's an incredible playground to be able to have access to all these exceptional archives that no one else had, and to work with him directly.i can't wait to present the exhibition in paris. the interesting thing, is that people used to talk to me about mugler's work which was, i wouldn't say reductive, but maybe with a summary where they said "ah yes it's the big shoulders, very broad shoulders", it's a very small part, there is so much work done on the incredible jacket.most of the jackets we wear now are a variation of mugler jackets, but also the rest of the work, all the themes, the influences of animals, fauna, flora, robots, the influences of the cinema. and it's clothes that have lasted well over time.a bit of a connection, like the work of viktor & rolf it's funny because mugler really admires the work of viktor & rolf, because it's not a fashion that refers to fashion, or to the history of fashion.it's not a fashion that follows trends it's really individualistic fashion which allows us to stage the everyday life of people.i think that's what mugler has always tried to do, which is to to present a fashion that was completely external, which does not follow the trends, nor colours of the season.but actually, you see more of the insiders. so he's someone who's initiated a lot of trends.