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The big jewellery house Vever resurrected

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Script video :the big jewellery house vever resurrectedinterview with camille vever : at 16 years old, i received a piece of vever jewellery from my grandmother and when i opened the box, i felt a very strong emotion, of receiving a piece of jewellery from my grandmother and because it was vever, it said vever on this box.and at that time, i said to myself, "what a shame the jewellery industry was thriving.one day i'll wake it up.damien and camille vever, brother and sister, have chosen to revive the vever house 200 years laterthe mythical jewellery house, founded in 1821,had immense successduring the art nouveau periodwinning four big prizes at the world fairsat the turn of the 20th century today the duointalled a showroom on rue de la paix in paris, by appointment, with an e-shopand want to offer a new type of jewellery interview with camille vever : to reconnect with the roots of the company of the house and thus to propose a jewellery where the roots are drawn from art nouveau, so the fauna, flora and women, it was obvious.then, it was also obvious to me to offer an ethical jewellery, responsible for man and nature.jewellery with sustainable materials.very quickly, i thought of recycled gold and also of laboratory diamond.i thought it totally echoed to art nouveau.art nouveau has shaken up the jewellery industry, why? because of the introduction of new materials that were not used in jewellery, it was actually a nice nod and offers a new luxury in the 21st century.interview with damien vever : and when you look at our masterpiece which is the empress necklace you see that the value of this piece, is not so much in the stones it contains, since the highest diamond is around 0.8 carats, but it's really in the work, the hours spent by our craftsmen, by our enameller, on the making of this exceptional piece, that's really what we want to offer our customers.for nothing to change, everything had to change, to keep vever the great vever he once was, this pioneering, innovative jewellery house, that shakes up the codes.we also had to change the codes, to be able to bring it into line with the challenges of the 21st century.