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International Hyères Festival of Fashion 2013 : Grand Jury Prize Satu Maaranen (with itw)

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Creativity was at the rendezvous of the 28th international festival of fashion of hyères chaired this year by felipe oliveira baptista. 10 young designers from nine different countries, presented a collection of seven silhouettes in front of a jury of professionals. marion de raucourt, for france advocates a minimalist and protective fashion with rigid leather constructed like armor. damien ravn for norway says he’s inspired by medieval armor transposed into the present. xing su for canada, focuses her work around structured felt embellished with specks or brush strokes of colour. and among these young designers, some stand out with innovative menswear collections, reworking artistic movements like pointillism. shanshan ruan for china plays the card of romance and transparency. in every one we note a work on materials and a creative power the finnish girl of 29 years, captivated the jury with her collection inspired by "land art" and couture from the 60s. a millennial 2013 reassuring for the future of fashion! music from the fashion show interview felipe oliveira baptista : i think there are personalities and very singular universes with a remarkable level of quality. mark holgate : it was about being avant garde and thinking about the future and thinking about tomorrow and i think these 10 designers are doing the same thing. henning jurke : we’re inspired by a lot of humoristic things also like fun and comic but for me it’s very important that the man doesn’t look like a clown. camille kunz : the base of my collection was inspired from my brothers’ wardrobes that reflected a certain daily banality that’s a little suisse romande. the base of the clothes had a little bit of sportswear, slightly typical with a lot of stitching and with lots of details and i wanted to wash it all and reduce it to a closer aesthetic. satu maaranen : this is my thesis collection and i started the process with firstly designing all the fabrics for the garments so i have been hand painting the fabrics and also hand dying them with sawdust, sand and grass for example. silhouette and cut come from the old couture world, but then i have added some contrast with the boyish elements. the grand prize of the 28th edition of the hyères festival goes to satu maaranen satu maaranen : it’s a super exciting thing for me. i think it’s going to mean lots of new working opportunities and then a good start for my career because i just graduated. jean- pierre blanc : i find it very energizing in this rotten and tough period to have these 10 young designers, full of energy, it’s encouraging and in a certain way they’re almost the ones who lead us.