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Valentino- Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Paris (with itw)

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Rigor and romance are the key-words at valentino. duo maria grazia chiuri and pierpaolo piccioli, was inspired this season by flemish paintings for a wardrobe that focuses on collars, squared necklines and wrists. the silhouette varies between the ultra short in a vase shape, or the other one, long and straight, touching the ankle. blouses are worn underneath the garments and leave glimpses of cuffs and a pointed collar. materials are decorated with embroidery inspired by delft ceramics, mottled patterns and jacquards. the palette of colours is rich, composed of shades of blue, pale yellow and scarlet red. small dresses with rounded contours constructed on a tulle base and leaving glimpses of parts of the body, are of a sobriety and an absolute delicacy while the sleeves of long sheath dresses reveal a sensual grace of an incredible beauty. music from fashion show interview maria grazia chiuri : it's a mix, it's a combination between sensuality but also a regal and severe shape but at the same time we want to speak about grace, about the women, about a portrait with a neckline, with a wide collar. we believe that it's important to speak about the different attitudes women have and we think this is the way to speak about beauty, there's not one way to speak about beauty. pierpaolo piccioli : it's about creating new balances between the softness of materials and the control of the line, between the leather of the lace of the neck that reproduces the flemish lace and the very controlled and strict line. so the leather in the dresses have very fragile and light embroidery, so every time it's about creating new balances between lace and dress and materials and shapes and in colours of course because it's also about lights and colours. maria grazia chiuri : we have different shapes, straight but also vase or tulip, wide, because we believe that women are different but we want to give the same style for different women and each woman can choose what is better for her.