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Aquilano.Rimondi Fall Winter Collection 2013/14 in Milan (With Itv)

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At the palazzo della ragione, a beatiful medieval building in the center of milan, tommaso aquilano and roberto rimondi\'s heroines seem to escape tim burton\'s film, alice in wonderland. the queen of hearts and queen of spades clash in a duel of elegance in stiletto heels. two figures facing each other, one adjusted, composed of a pencil skirt with a little peplum jacket and the other, broader, with rounded volumes of tulip and flared skirts. the masculine tweeds are made feminine with added touches of chinchilla, velvet, embroidery and playing card prints. the duo aquilano.rimondi delivers real couture work, with deep material research reflecting throughout. the silhouettes, worked on as unique pieces had not gone unnoticed, since anna wintour went backstage to admire them in person. a real-life fairytale ending in beauty. tommaso aquilano : it\'s a story of a dream, at the start, we are inspired by tim burton\'s film alice in wonderland. it\'s the evolution of a woman who\'s going from the dream to transform herself into a very strong woman against the queen of hearts. today we have a woman who will abandon her romanticism to transform into a woman who\'s very, very sure of herself. it\'s for that that we\'ve worked on the silhouettes with strong shoulders, as it could be a man\'s tweed jacket but worn with skirts in different forms. we have the long skirt and the wide skirt which is reminiscent of the 50\'s, accompanied by little shirts with jacquard prints inspired by hearts from the queen in alice and which, at the same time can be in crepe de chine, very masculine with little touches of embroidery. it\'s a way of giving an idea of a complete outfit, with this power that can have rich materials worked into with masculine fabrics. as a way to state, yes, i\'m feminine and at the same time, i have the power of a man. music from fashion show