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Kenzo Spring Summer Women Collection 2013 in Paris (Itw)

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The urban jungle is a source of inspiration for duo, carol lim and humberto leon, in control at kenzo. the theme recalls the beginnings of mr kenzo takada, when he began his trademark \"jungle jap\" in the 70s-80s and put his imprint on the prints. for summer 2013, in keeping with the house, the designers go even further by combining new technologies and vibrant colours reflecting asian jungles inhabited by tigers and leopards, but also tones and silhouettes of the city. suits take a more rounded form, shoulders are highlighted, jackets are short and trousers are fluid. different cottons are worked in a precious way and the summer coats and parkas, which can be worn in all weather conditions. sensuality like the sportswear is present just like the kenzo spirit, combining beautiful cuts, comfort and escapism through the garments. music from fashion show interview humberto leon : we were really inspired by this original idea of jungle that kenzo takada had started, and that was a good starting point for us. we feel like we want to tell the history of the brand and it\'s important to tell it from the beginning. so this season we decided to take it from the beginning and show our version of this message that he was trying to tell. and carol and i took a trip to the thai jungle and this was our experience and so what you\'re seeing is our own personal experience of the jungle. the kenzo woman has always been sensual and this season it was really exciting to explore the sensual side of the brand and she is definitely sexy, she\'s sensual, she\'s youthful and i think that\'s the exciting part. carol lim : i think the shoulders and the back are things that are traditionally sensual and i think highlighting those areas was really important and we love the flow of the materials, so it shows that even with just a little bit of shoulder you can really have a different kind of message.